Sole-Protector™ vs. Sole-Protector Plus+™

Since the release of our original Sole Protector™ (SP™), we have relied on customer feedback to improve the product and customer experience. This feedback has led to improvements in just about every aspect of what we do including the development of the newest enhancement to our popular Sole Protector. We call it Sole Protector Plus+™ (SP+).

There are a few differences between the original Sole Protector™ (SP™) and the new Sole Protector Plus+ (SP+™) starting with on sole appearance. Notice how (SP™) provides that "icy" gloss it is famous for while (SP+™) provides a more low key yet rugged appearance.


Customer were consistent about their need for a protection solution for  kicks with star tipped toes. We did out homework and found the solution with (SP+™). Note: no heat is required to install (SP+™) , we also pre-cut to match your sole so you don't have to and like original (SP™), (SP+™) does not leave residue.

As it is with (SP™) and (SP+™) both go on clean and come off clean.  SP+™ does not require a heat source, different adhesive properties, but it might be helpful to mold the edges/sides of the SP+™ around the sole.

So which is right for you? In truth, It's up to you which one you choose but below are a few tips that we hope help the decision easier:
  • Are you more interested in making the sole look icy?
  • If yes, SP might your best bet because SP+ is not as clear.
  • Would you like more traction?
  • If yes, you should give SP+ a try
  • Got kicks with star toes?
  • Then SP+ is your choice.
Remember to look for the "SP PLUS+" if you want to buy SP PLUS+ instead of the original SP.There's a lot of good information on our Instagram page so don't forget to follow us!