SP Fire Stick Heat Gun


We strongly recommend our SP Fire Stick Heat Gun for all your Sole Protector Installs. Lightweight, easy to use and spreads heat evenly so you not only get consistent results but temperature protection for safer installs. 

The body has a non-slip surface which makes it comfortable and easier to use. Each unit also comes with its own stand to keep the nozzle elevated during cool down or storage. Available in 3 colors!

Grab your Sole Protector Fire Stick today and take your installs to the next level! #KeepYourSoleClean

Available Colors: 
  • Red/Black 
  • Blue/White 
  • Blue/Black 

  • SP Fire Stick Tip: Keep your SP Fire Stick approx. 2-3 inches away from your Sole Protector and heat it at a 45 degree angle

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    More Information

    Sole Protector Plus+ will need to be heat from a heat gun or hair dryer. Extra heat will be required around the toe and heel for soles with detailed patterns or grooves to help it stick. After heating, the Sole Protector needs to be pressed between the grooves until it is secure. 

    ***Make sure the material is completely sealed before wearing outside. If not continue to heat and work the material into the sole until it is completely sealed. 

    Select the Sole Protector in the same size as your shoes.

    Sizing Tip: Y=Grade School, M=Men's size, W=Women's size (US sizes)

    Check out our YouTube channel for more install videos (@soleprotector)