Join us as we take two different paths toward the same destination! "Win Like 82 XI's" release next weekend and we will be demonstrating the true power of Sole-Protector. 

There is nothing more important for us than keeping our sole clean & clear, thats why here at SP headquarters we make sure to test each release and guarantee your sole is going to be fully protected! This time around we couldn't be more excited to test on the upcoming Win Like 82 XI. 

Stay tuned via our IG feed and live story [@soleprotector] to see what happens as we go through a full week of regular every day use with one sole unprotected and the other equipped with a "SP11 PLUS+" .... The results will shock you! 

As we begun on this journey yesterday and after only a few hours of light casual use just to step out on the town for a quick trip  you will already begin to see negative effects on the unprotected sole [see below]

Lets see how bad it gets as we venture onto the workweek tomorrow and kick off Monday with the right foot forward. As a special treat we have discounted the "SP11" all week with no coupon code needed! Just add to cart and have your protector ready for the release on 11/11/17. 

Stick with us this week and see for yourself why using SP is the ONLY way to step safely #keepyoursoleclean 


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Do they work for the Foamposite Copper?

Cody Levick

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