First off if you are not familiar with SP Protection you will want to visit the link below ;) .... 

Some people seem to think it might not be able to slow down the yellowing process... 

With that being said, a true sneaker enthusiast or collector will understand the process and reasoning behind applying SP to ANY special pair. Which is why we are asking you to help a friend in need.

Tell that somebody who refuses to use protection to make the change! 

Don't make the same mistakes in 2018, don't skip out on using SP. If Nike / Jordan Brand  go through with promise of producing significantly less pairs of AJ's, specifically retros and GR models. 

This could shift back the culture to when you were lucky if your local store even received a retro! Thus driving the supply low and demand up which will skyrocket our sneakers value like a cryptocurrency! Using protection is crucial to ensure those shoes are not stuck in closets and can be worn for MANY more years to come! 

And we didn't even get into the sentimental side. 

Happy New Year 



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