In this video, we are going to demonstrate how to install a Sole Protector Plus+ on a “tricky” Air Jordan 4.  The “tricky” part of this install is the pattern at the top of the toe box that can make installation a real challenge. The material should be heated enough so you can work the SP into the grooves.

“Tricky” installs include Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, and Air Force 1s, Dunks, Yeezy Boost 350 V2s and any other complex sole that has deep patterns and grooves.

Working With Heat

-With SP Plus+ most soles do not require an external heat source but in reality, all Sole Protector [SP] units are heat activated. What that means is: with SP Plus+ the heat from your hands pressing against your shoe’s sole is enough for simple soles but for soles with more complex designs external heat sources like hair driers and heat guns provide the best results

A Few Things To Remember….

-Safety first – avoid heat sensitive surfaces – like carpet

-keep in mind that both heat guns and hair driers can get very hot – so handle with care

-keep in mind more heat is not better – you are looking for just enough to make the material flexible, soft and sticky…


Once the material is glossy you know the adhesive is sticky and once the material curls, you know the material is nice and loose which will make it easy to work with

  1. Take your time and pick up the material from both ends  and place it on the shoe
  2. It will be sticky but don’t be afraid to reposition it to your liking…
  3. There’s no need to rush – worse case just start over, the glue isn’t going anywhere
  4. Once you have it set – press firmly and mold the material into the grooves and sides


Once everything is secure, it’s time to seal by “wanding” over the sole – typically the edges of the material have the least amount of adhesive so sealing helps to loosen the edges for a better stick. Do not focus heat on one portion of the sole – keep your heat source moving. Once you are satisfied that the install is complete, press firmly and check out your results.


-We like to let units sit over night to get the best seal

-We also like to test at home or at the office to make sure nothing was missed or loose after install.. if you find loose material simply re-seal and let it sit.

We rely on your feedback so please let us know what we can do to help..

Thanks for watching and #KeepYourSoleClean…

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