We are excited to offer our SP Select 12 Days Of Kicksmas. We have added more products to our sale lineup this year. Make sure you set a reminder! These sales are only good for 1 day!

We will also offering special SP Select Free Gifts Events on certain days. These event will only last a short period of time so the chance of being randomly selected will increase. Check back each day to see what gifts we are giving to customers. 

 12 Days Of Kicksmas

DAY 1 (Dec 14th): 40% off Jordan 1 and AF1 Sole Protectors (Code: SPKICKS1)

DAY 2 (Dec 15th): 40% off Yeezy Boost 350 and Dunk Sole Protectors (Code: SPKICKS2)

DAY 3 (Dec 16th): 40% off Jordan 3 Sole Protectors and Crease Protectors (Code: SPKICKS3)

DAY 4 (Dec 17th): 40% off Jordan 4 Sole Protectors and SP Fresh (Code: SPKICKS4)

DAY 5 (Dec 18th): 40% off Jordan 5 Sole Protectors and SP Quick Fix (Code: SPKICKS5)

DAY 6 (Dec 19th): 40% off Jordan 6 Sole Protectors and SP Sneaker Brush (Code: SPKICKS6)

DAY 7 (Dec 20th): 40% off Jordan 7 and Foamposite Sole Protectors (Code: SPKICKS7)

DAY 8 (Dec 21st): 40% off Jordan 8 and Jordan 12 Sole Protectors (Code: SPKICKS8)

DAY 9 (DEC 22nd): 40% off Jordan 9 and Jordan 13 Sole Protectors (Code: SPKICKS9)

DAY 10 (Dec 23rd): 40% off Jordan 10 and Custom Sole Protectors (Code: SPKICKS10)

DAY 11 (Dec 24th): 40% off Jordan 11 Sole Protectors (Code: SPKICKS11)

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Sorry, the code was only valid for one day, Dec 24th.


It’s not letting me use the promo code SPKICKS11 . I’ve been trying to enter all day and it keeps telling me to enter a valid code . But that is a valid code . It’s the one that is shoes and the one that was on the email I received

Aaron Ramos

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